Algunos de mis trabajos como locutora incluyen:

Programas Educacionales

“Colores” Text books 7, 8 and 9 “Caminando” (4 audio text books), Pasos 1 Spanish Listening and Speaking 2010 (HODDER Education), Oxford University Press Additional Animo AS Level Spanish, Online audio dictionaries, Spanish For Dummies audio CD 2010 version, Oxford University: Business Focus, U.C.L.E.S: Spanish 2005, NECSpanish4-22, Easzyspeak: Eazyspeak-cd Rom, WORTH MEDIA: E-Learning test, LINGUAPHONE INTERM. BBC Worldwide: Virtual Spanish (several editions), BBC Worldwide: “Sueños” (several editions), “Kickstart-Spanish, BBC/SPANISH, Oxford University Press: Business Focus Elementary, Pasos 1 New Edition, Teach Yourself Spanish by Hodder Education, Teach Yourself Business Spanish, Access Spanish 2, Spanish Phrasebook course, Qué me cuentas? Volume 1 and 2, Spanish course AICLE y DELE.

Corporativos, Promocionales y DVDs de Entrenamiento

KODAK VISION3, GOOGLE Youtube, BUPA audio-animations. WANO Task Observation and Coaching, Greenpeace corporate video, Interbrand corporate video, “Reuters dealing 3000”, New Blink Contact lenses promotion video, European Symposium about obesity in Prague, NetG – How to teach yourself about software packaging, Sponsorship spot for Low Cost Holidays Venista Customer Service IVR ring-tone downloads, IBERDREA, Royal Caribbean International, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Meeting Experience, VOLVO V70, The European Parliament, Microfinances, Royal Caribbean promotion, Life Rewards Program (stop smoking), Ford sustainability, AstraZeneca (Ambazsador Pharmaceutical Company).

Respuesta de voz interactive/IVR

SmartPlan, Smartcheck, Reliance Globalcom, Venista, Nissan, Kendle, Vanco, Precision Media, Keyworld Media, Sonopud Kubra, City of Burbank, Venista Customer Service IVR ring-tone downloads.

ADR/Reemplazo de diálogo automático para películas y series

Lip-sync dubbing some characters for the film There Be Dragons. ADR for Mad Dogs TV series, ADR for The World is not Enough, Eon Productions LTD. Cambridge Spies 4 Last Songs, Body Armour, Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Vantage Point, Rush.

TV/Anuncios de radio y Medios de comunicación

OneWorld Airlines, Cookie My Playful Pup from Hasbro TV commercial, Dora Puppy Spanish TV commercial for Nintendo (2K GAMES). Sponsorship radio spot for Low Cost Holidays, LEBARA mobile campaign. “El Rio Duradero” documentary for 8CYL Spanish TV Channel. Trocaire TV commercial. Newedge promo for BLOOMBERG TV, Virgin Airlines: Cuba Inflight, Nintendo DS TV commercial, Disney Nintendo DS Campanilla, Reign of Terror Al Qaeda Calling (Madrid, Thursday 11 March 2004), Bloomberg TV, radio commercial for VISIT LONDON, British Airways flights to Alicante radio ad, EURO RSCG “Spectrum”, “Virgin Travel” for Boom Productions, Visa card for Shell-like, “Iomega Zip” for Hobo (several versions), Opel Corsa TV ad, Knorr, GDH “CHERUBS” shampoo TV commercial, Nortel, Pinochet TV programme for Mentorn Barraclough Carey Productions, Micro Finances Promo Video, Spanish TV commercials for TOYOTA campaign “Green Designs”, Holidays Channel, Croatian National Tourist Board for CNN.

Audioguías y Recorridos Turísticos

Audio Guide for The Fashion Museum (50 Fabulous Frocks) Bath 2013. National Gallery of Ireland (2011). Several Audio Guides for Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Audio guide for Roman Baths in Bath, Apsley House, Hampton Court, British Museum Audio guide, Palacio de la Almudaina-Mallorca, Manchester United Museum, The View from the Shard Tour, Churchill War Rooms Audioguide, New York City Helicopter Tour.

E- Learning

BT staff training, T-Trade Engineering, Clakson Website, GlobeCo, The Body Shop, WCRS (Alli), Reffineries des Flandres, SmartPlan (Smartcheck), Microsoft, Ambazsador, Kubra.


BUPA on-line health videos. New Blink Contacts, Remodulin and Treprostinil (video for the treatment of “Hipertension Arterial Pulmonar” (HAP), Alliance Healthcare, CardyAcademy, Daysoft Contact lenses, Cardi Academy,Waterlogic, Ambazsador e-learning training, Caregiver (Myelofibrosis), The Body Shop e-learning, Luxotica eyecare.


Series de Netflix: Big Family Cooking Showdown, Story of Diana, Royal House of Windsor, Lock Up


La Final, La Ultima Bomba, Helicops (14 chapters) , Castor.